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Chiruca - Huella Carbono / Bosque Chiruca

Chiruca, a Company committed to the Environment


Calzados Fal, S.A, - Chiruca® is a Company committed to the Environment, fostering environmental efforts and actively working towards sustainability.

Its ongoing effort to reduce its environmental impact has come to fruition, achieving the complete Carbon Footprint seal (Calculation, Reduction and Compensation).

Calzados Fal, S.A has been a part of the list of companies that measure their carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases caused, directly or indirectly, by an individual, organization, event or product; in this case, by boot manufacturing.

With this seal, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish government, Calzados Fal proves its participation in the registry and shows the level of effort made by the company to fight against climate change. Thus, the goal is to measure the environmental impact of the entire process carried out by the company to manufacture CHIRUCA® shoes, as well as assess the ecological impact of its products and environmental actions.

Aside from being one the companies measuring their carbon footprint, Chiruca® has put great efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions through carbon dioxide absorption projects, and has finally reached its objective of compensating carbon footprint, obtaining the full cycle seal.

The company has achieved a 50% compensation by planting the Chiruca Forest in the Bergasa village; a forest of 16 hectares in which 6,000 holm oaks were planted. Aside from the reduction efforts, a 100% compensation is expected for the 2017 Footprint; expanding the forest biodiversity has also been considered to try to emulate the native forest by planting more species, such as rowan, oak, maple trees… The majority tree will be the holm oak, along with other species scattered throughout which will change color during autumn and will avoid a monoculture appearance, reaching a total of 15,000 trees.




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